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Our Founder: Mr. Sato

Originally a manufacturer of educational microscopes, Meiji Techno has since extended product lines into the industrial, laboratory, and higher education markets. Our products are sold throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas by agents or distributors authorized by Meiji Techno Co., Ltd., or our American subsidiary Meiji Techno America.

Meiji Techno America was incorporated as a subsidiary of Meiji Techno Co., Ltd. in 1986, distributing Meiji Techno products and offering technical assistance to customers throughout the United States, Canada, and South and Central America. Originally located in Woburn, Massachusetts, Meiji Techno America has recently expanded to a larger facility in  to San Jose, California.

Over the years, Meiji Techno America has developed a diverse network of over 240 knowledgeable dealers with expertise in many specialized applications.

No matter where you are located or what your requirements are, Meiji Techno has the products and expertise to help you attain your microscopy goals.

Meiji Techno acquired the certification of ISO9001 in August 2003 and to have customers use our products in peace depending on the surge of quality and the environment demand of these days.

Meiji Techno Co. Ltd. believes it is one of the social responsibilities in the future to satisfy needs and the quality demand of the customers, and we intend to offer better products by establishing the quality control system corresponding to ISO9001.

In addition, we build environmental management system to promote environmental improvement activity generally, and the overseas offices acquire the certification of international standard as well as domestic offices and develop environment improvement activity as Meiji Techno Co., Ltd.

Meiji Techno Co. Ltd. will plan more environmental improvement positively in all future and continues an effort succeeding environment.


At Meiji Techno Co. Ltd. our approach to our manufacturing and distribution of our microscope is to combine both a domestic and a global focus to the establishment of an appropriate development base for the next generation of culture and civilization. As a maker and vendor Microscopes and Accessories, we acknowledge the environmental issues that represent common and critical challenges for all humanity. In fulfilling our social responsibility as a company, we will reduce the environmental impact resulting from our business activities and attain harmony with nature.  We have introduced LED options for almost all of our microscope models.