BMK-3/LED Stereo Microscope

This is Meiji Techno America's new stereo binocular microscope system with a body total magnification of 10X. This system includes a 10X eyepiece with an eyetube angle of 45°. This system includes a post stand, a LED reflection illuminator, and an oblique top light. Its input voltage is AC100-240V 50/60Hz.

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BMK-3 Optical System Info:

• Optical System: Finite
• System Optical Magnification: 10X
• Total Magnification: 10X
• Standard Eyepiece: 10X Eyepiece
• Standard Objective: 1X Objective
• System Field of View: ⏀20mm
• System Working Distance: 230mm

BMK-3 Fixed Body Info:

• Body Optical System: Finite
• Body Magnification: 1X
• Observation Method: Binocular
• Eyetube Adjustment Mode: Siedentopf
• Eyetube Angle: 45°
• Erect/Inverted Image: Erect image
• Eyetube Rotatable: Fixed
• Interpupillary Adjustment: 55-75mm
• Eyetube Inner Diameter: ⏀30.5mm
• Eyepiece Diopter Adjustable: Left ±5°, Right Not Adjustable
• Eyetube Fixing Mode: Locking Screw
• Eyepiece Type: Standard Eyepiece
• Eyepiece Optical Magnification: 10X
• Plan Eyepiece: Plan Eyepiece
• Eyepiece Size for Eyetube: ⏀30.5mm
• Eyepiece Field of View: ⏀20mm

BMK-3 Post Stand Info:

Stand Type: Post Stand
Vertical Post Height: 280mm
Vertical Post Diameter: ⏀18mm
Cross Adapter Type: Dual Hole Adapter
Horizontal Arm Type: Horizontal Post
Horizontal Arm Length: 190mm
Horizontal Diameter: ⏀18mm
Mounting Hole on the Top of Horizontal Arm: ⏀18mm
Horizontal Rotation Angle: 360° Rotatable
Horizontal Arm Travel Distance on Z-Axis: 200mm
Horizontal Arm Travel Mode on Horizontal Direction: Manual
Horizontal Arm Travel Mode on Z Direction: Manual
Base Type: Table Base
Base Shape: Rectangle
Base Dimensions: 190x130x55mm
Arbor Length: 70mm
Arbor Diameter: ⏀18mm
Arbor Rotation Range on Z Direction: 180°
Arbor Adapter Type: Fixed

BMK-3 Microscope Illuminator Info:

• Illumination Type: LED Reflection Light
• Top Illumination: Oblique Top Light
• Top Illumination Type: LED

BMK-3 Power Supply Info:

• Output Power: 6W
• Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
• Output Voltage: DC 6V
• Power Cord Connector Type: USA 3 Pins
• Power Cable Length: 1.5m

BMK-3 Other Parameters Info:

• Surface Treatment: Spray Paint
• Material: Metal
• Color: White
• Net Weight: 6.05kg (13.34lbs)
• Dimensions: 450x130x380mm (17.717"x5.118"x14.961")