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DZ4-T High Range Zoom Microscopes

The DZ4-T is Meiji Techno’s highest magnification zoom system in our product line. Viewing samples on a monitor without eyepieces is now easily achievable with the DZ4-T system. You can connect cameras that can be used independently or connect to HDMI monitors or computers with measurement capabilities. It has a zoom ratio of 12:1 and stepless magnification change from 25.2X to 4200X with changing objective. This system has a built-in C-mount lens system that accommodates 1/2" CMOS, CCD or analog cameras in the market. It provides a very high and clear resolution that displays a crisp picture on any monitor. The DZ4-T can be ordered with a focus mechanism that fits a 38mm (1.50") post or a 20mm (0.78") post stand. It has an integrated single arm fiber optic coaxial reflected illumination with choices of Halogen or LED light sources. The system can be equipped with a reflected or transmitted light stage that accommodates the Mitutoyo digimatic indicators for X, Y or Z accurate measurement capabilities. The DZ4-T has the ability to reach different viewing positions quickly at low magnification and magnifies images effortlessly. It can be used with various types of illuminations and has a wide application range.