Embryo Microscopes


Meiji Techno Stereo Embryo Microscopes incorporate world-class EM Stereo image quality and rugged, functional design perfect for embryo laboratory use. Meiji Techno Embryo Microscope systems are modular, allowing a wide range of options including cool LED lighting with Model PKL Pole Stand. The system below is popular with bovine and equine industries incorporating an EMZ-8TR stereo microscope with 10x eyepieces, a BD Pole Stand, a fiber optic light source with light guide and focusing lens with a 1/2" CCD analog video camera attached to the microscope's trinocular tube (monitor not included).


Zoom optics provide maximum flexibility in sizing and imaging the embryo while 150 watt fiber optic lighting provides adjustable, powerful illumination. Since the light source is physically away from the embryo, the technician is free to control the process temperature without fear of powerful illumination "cooking" the specimens. For this reason, Meiji Techno recommends adding a heat blocking filter (FL-FLH-PL/MI) inside the illuminator to further ensure cool, bright light with absolutely no transmitted heat component.

embryo micrscope

The BD Pole Stand has a port built into the focus block for cool, incident lighting and features rugged cast alloy construction affording stable operation. The integrated front surface mirror is rotatable thus allowing angled light from below. Sometimes referred to as "pseudo-darkfield", the BD Pole Stand produces extremely useful contrast for embryo work.

Meiji Techno also offers compound microscopes for embryo work like our MT5000 Series which has the brightest illumination in its class with your choice of either pure white-light LED or 6V 30W halogen systems.

Most other brands offer only 20W halogen with 30W being an option. The MT5210H can be accessorized to be used in practice with Phase Contrast, Darkfield and Brightfield.


The BD-M-LED stand features a rotatable sliding mirror which also slides back and forth to direct the light at an appropriate angle. Ideal for many embryo applications. The photo below shows a complete system with EMZ-8TR, MA502 10x eyepieces, FR-LED ring illuminator, and BD-M-LED stand.