FA-7 Flexible Triple Joint Arm and Heavy Duty Base Stand

Flexible triple joint arm stand with 5/8" end adapter, 120mm-arbor height, 846mm reach, heavy duty base stand, accepts FS or FSC or FS/76 focus holder.

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FA-7 Flexible Arm Stand Info:
• Stand Type: Pneumatic Stand
• Vertical Post Height: 450mm
• Vertical Post Diameter: ⏀38mm
• Cross Adapter Type: Dual Hole Adapter
• Total Arm Length: 846mm
• Horizontal Rotation Angle: 360 degrees
• Horizontal Arm Travel Distance on Z-axis: 300mm
• Horizontal Arm Travel Mode on Horizontal Direction: Manual
• Horizontal Arm Travel Mode on Z Direction: Manual
• Base Type: Heavy Duty Base
• Base Shape: Rectangle
• Base Dimensions: 325mm x 325mm x 18mm
• Arbor Length: 120mm
• Arbor Diameter: ⏀30mm
• Arbor Rotation Range on Horizontal Direction: 180 degrees
• Arbor Adapter Type: Tiltable
• Arbor Adapter Mounting Size: 5/8" End Adapter
• Safety Cover Thread Size or Arbor: ⏀8x1.5mm
• Surface Treatment: Spray Paint
• Material: Metal
• Color: Camel Grey
• Net Weight: 21.5kg (47.63lbs)