FLM-RB-GO - Stereo Microscope Adapter System with Base Lamp, Mounting Adapter, Light head and Filter Set (Green Only)

The FLM-RB-GO is a full system that consists of a stereo microscope adapter system, a lamp base (with a power supply), a royal blue light head, a microscope mounting adapter, green-only barrier filter, viewing shield, and a padded travel case. This full system has an excitation of 440nm - 460nm and a 500nm - 560nm bandpass emission. It supports the following: Alexa Fluor 488, Calein, Clover, Dextran-FITC, EGFP, FITC, Fluorescein, GFP, LSSmOrange, mAzamiGreen, mBeRFP, mEmerald, mHoneydew, MiCy, mKeima, mMidoriishi-Cyan, mNeonGreen, mTurquoise2, mUKG, mWasabi, Superfolder GFP, TagGFP2, ZsGreen

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Green-Only Barrier Filter

The Green-Only (GO) Barrier Filter isolates the green part of the spectrum and is for use with the Royal Blue excitation source. While our other barrier filters are long-pass filters this filter is a bandpass, transmitting from approximately 500 to 560nm. The long-pass filter has served well for most users who need to visualize green-fluorescent protein (GFP), and if you are exploring fluorescence in nature it is preferable. The primary motivation for adding the green-only filter to the line-up was for the benefit of researchers using GFP in plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana, a common research model. Plants contain chlorophyll, which has a distinctive red fluorescence that can sometimes mask the GFP emission, making it harder to see and photograph.


The FLM-RB-GO is a stereo microscope adapter system (one illumination color) that consists of:

  • Lamp Base with Power Supply and International Plug Set
  • Light Head – Royal Blue
  • Microscope Mounting adapter
  • Barrier Filter – Green Only
  • Viewing Shield
  • Padded Travel Case
 Designation Excitation Emission
UV - Ultaviolet 360 - 380nm 415nm longpass
VI - Violet 400 - 415nm 450nm longpass
RB - Royal Blue 440 - 460nm 500nm longpass
RB - Royal Blue 440 - 460nm 500-560nm bandpass
CY - Cyan 490 - 515nm 550nm longpass
GR - Green  510 - 540nm 600nm longpass


  • Shaded/numbered cells – Fluorophores with shaded cells indicate that more than one Light and Filter Set might work for this fluorophore. This reflects a trade-off between maximizing the excitation efficiency and maximizing the emission capture. The color of the cell shading corresponds roughly to the emission color you would expect to see with that set.
    • 1 – our first choice based on either direct experience or on analysis of the spectra
    • 2 – our second choice
  • Basis
    • W‘ – working knowledge
    • s‘ – analysis of spectra
  • Standard disclaimer – The recommendation for the use of a wavelength set is not a guarantee that it will work in any given application. In addition to spectral matching, performance is also related to the total amount of fluorescing material and its fluorescence intensity.
Fluorescent Protein/Dye UV VI RB CY GR Basis
Alexa Fluor 488     X     W
Alexa Fluor 555       X   s
Alexa Fluor 568         X s
Alexa Fluor 594         X s
amCyan1   X       s
Aquamarine   X       s
Calcein     X     W
Cerulean   X       s
CFP   X       W
Citrine       X   s
Clover     X     s
Cy3       X   s
CyOFP1       X   s
CyPet   X       s
DAPI X         W
Dextran-FITC     X     s
Dextran-Texas Red         X s
Dextran-TRITC       X   s
DiI       X   s
DsRed       2 1 W
E2-Orange       X   s
EBFP X         s
EBFP2 X         s
ECFP   X       W
EGFP     X     W
eqFP670         X s
EYFP       X   W
FITC     X     W
Fluorescein     X     W
FusionRed         X W
Fluorescent Protein/Dye UV VI RB CY GR Basis
GFP     X     W
Hoechst X         W
iFP1.4 1 2       s
KO1       X   s
LSSmOrange     X     s
Lucifer Yellow   X       W
mAmetrine   X       s
mApple         X s
mAzamiGreen     X     s
mBanana       X   s
mBeRFP     X     s
mCardinal         X s
mCherry1         X W
mCitrine       X   s
mEmerald     X     s
mGarnet2         X s
mHoneydew     1 2   s
MiCy     X     s
mKalama1 X         s
mKate         X s
mKate2         X s
mKeima     X     s
mKO2       X   s
mKusabira-Orange       X   s
mMidoriishi-Cyan     X     s
mNeonGreen     X     s
mNeptune         X s
mOrange       X   s
mOrange2       X   s
Fluorescent Protein/Dye UV VI RB CY GR Basis
mPapaya1       X   s
mPlum         X s
mRaspberry         X s
mRFP1         X s
mRFP1.2         X s
mRuby         X s
mScarlet         X s
mStable         X s
mStrawberry         X s
mTagBFP   X       s
mTangerine         X s
mTurquoise2   1 2     s
mUKG     X     s
mWasabi     X     s
RFP       2 1 W
Rhodamine B       X   W
Sapphire 2 1       s
Superfolder GFP     X     s
SYFP2       X   s
TagBFP 1 2       W
TagCFP   X       s
TagGFP2     X     s
TagRFP       2 1 s
TagRFP-2       2 1 s
TagYFP       X   s
tdTomato       1 2 W
Texas Red         X s
TRITC       X   W
Venus       X   s
YFP       X   W
Ypet       X   s
ZsGreen     X     s


1 – Our Green (GR) excitation/emission set can work with mCherry but is not optimal. We know of many people who have great success and others for whom it just did not work. It is likely related to the amount of fluorescing material and the strength of the expression. It is worth trying, but you should purchase only with the understanding that you need to try it in your application and might need to return it.


The Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter system consists of

  • Flexible gooseneck lamp base with power supply
  • Light head
  • Ring adapter for microscope 
  • Barrier filter
  • Filter shield

The light head, barrier filter, and filter shield are interchangeable so that you can easily switch between excitation/emission light+filter combinations.

The microscope mounting adapter fits up to 67mm to work with the majority of stereo microscopes.

Once you are set up for one excitation/ emission wavelength combination, additional combinations can be added by purchasing a kit that consists of a light head, barrier filter, and viewing shield. These three elements can be removed and replaced in seconds, and color coding ensures that you are using the right combination. The barrier filter clicks on to the ring adapter magnetically, so it is easy to remove it to switch back to white light viewing.

Wavelength Sets

 Designation Excitation Emission
UV - Ultaviolet 360 - 380nm 415nm longpass
VI - Violet 400 - 415nm 450nm longpass
RB - Royal Blue 440 - 460nm 500nm longpass
RB - Royal Blue 440 - 460nm 500-560nm bandpass
CY - Cyan 490 - 515nm 550nm longpass
GR - Green  510 - 540nm 600nm longpass


What is this?

This Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter system (SFA) is a complete solution for adapting existing stereo microscopes to visualize fluorescence. It includes everything you need for adapting (not converting) just about any stereo microscope, including light sources and matching barrier filters. It is a modular system, so you can purchase the wavelength combinations that you need now and add more at any time. We now offer 6 excitation/emission combinations and add more as we can.

What is the benefit?

You can utilize existing stereo microscopes for fluorescence at a very reasonable cost. This opens up a range of possibilities

  • • Take the pressure off existing high-end fluorescence microscopes for basic sorting/screening tasks
  • • Acquire multiple units for use in undergraduate teaching laboratories
  • • Start working with fluorescence even with a limited new-faculty budget

What are some high points?

  • • Requires NO disassembly or modification to your microscope
  • • Installs in under a minute
  • • Does not interfere with ordinary use – the barrier filters attach magnetically so they can be easily removed at any time
  • • No warm-up or cool-down required – true instant on/off
  • • Rugged – stands up to student handling
  • • Modular excitation/emission – purchase what you need, expand at any time
  • • Works with virtually every existing stereo microscope, regardless of age
  • • Components are color coded to avoid confusion
  • • Easily moved between microscopes
  • • Compact and portable to take fluorescence on the road for outreach

Components & Accessories

Add-on excitation/emission set consists of

  • Light Head
  • Barrier Filter
  • Viewing Shield
  • Padded Storage Box