HDMI400MAC Entry-Level 0.7X-5X Macrozoom System with HD1000-LITE HDMI Camera

0.7X-5X Macrozoom system with 16 LED array illumination powered by USB 2.0 with rheostat, 1x objective 0.4x trinocular eyepiece on a 205mm x 273mm ergonomic slope stand with a 32 mm post on a coarse focus block and a 5 MP HDMI/USB 2.0 camera (HD1000-LITE) USB 2.0 or HDMI compatible, can take still shots and live video 15 fps, W.D. 105mm with basic measurement software

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   • HDMI400MAC HDMI Camera
   • Basic Capture and Measurement Software
   • 1X objective lens (0.7X-5X) zoom macroscope system

Product Information: 
   • Warranty: -
   • Customer Support: 1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based)

Package Information: 
   • Weight: -lbs (-kg) 
   • Box Size: - inches 
   • Footprint: -


The HDMI400MAC features include:

    • 1X objective lens
    • 105mm ( 4”) working distance
    • 6” Plastic Black and White Stage Plate
    • Plain stage
    • Locked-on spring loaded stage clips (paired)
    • 205mm (8”) base
    • 32mm diameter stainless steel post, 11” in height
    • Rack and pinion design, cast aluminum alloy frame
    • Coaxial coarse and 200μm fine adjustments, 2μm precision
    • 50mm Friction adjustment
    • Rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch and tension adjustment
    • “Slip-clutch” system protects against over-focusing
    • LED Ring Light with 16 LED Array with intensity rheostat control with USB 2.0 power
    • Auto voltage sensing power supply, 100-220V
    • Rugged, cast metal frame with rectangle footprint design
    • Black enamel paint finish.
    • Stable footprint design

HD1000-LITE-M Quick Start Guide
Download Camera Driver (ZIP)
Download ISCapture Software (ZIP)


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Download Manual (PDF)