Industrial Microscopes


Meiji Techno America’s Industrial Microscopes can be used to observe or inspect semiconductors, circuit boards, magnetic heads, LCDs, electronic parts and so on. A variety of models are available for various sample sizes and applications . Meiji Techno’s component units can be used for OEM applications as well. Different types of Metallurgical Compound Microscopes and Stereo Microscopes are available to accommodate your inspection requirement. Improved user functionality between Meiji Techno’s microscopes and digital cameras provides ideal real time imaging in HD quality. Meiji Techno America’s complementary line of digital cameras and imaging software has enabled it to develop a highly functional easy-to-use digital imaging microscopy system that can be added to any microscopes with a trinocular head. Our Industrial Microscopes adapts and responds to observation needs which arise in the development, quality management and inspecting stages of the manufacturing process.


                                             MC-40                                                                            MC-60

Our compound Industrial Microscopes combines the illuminator, nosepiece and objective lenses which can be used with a wide range of devices, samples and material inspection. Meiji Techno America’s MC Measuring series of high precision measuring microscopes featuring the latest in digital imaging allows the end user to measure in the X, Y and Z axis with Mitutuyo Digimatic I ndicators that are seamlessly integrated in the package.

inverted metallurgicalinverted metallurgical

                                             IM7100                                                                            IM7520

Our EMZ Series Greenough design Stereo microscopes can be used at a on-site inspection or for manipulation/inspection of a sample thanks to their stereoscopic image, modular flexibility and wide field of view and high resolution images. Various models are available for many applications and purposes that can adapt to every application. Our Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes has a stable footprint that provides maximim stability and low vibration when viewing high power objectives. It’s Y shaped footprint design makes it one of the most ergonomic model in it’s class. Wide Field of view eyepieces with Infinity Corrected Optics provides clear image observation, without spherical abberation.