MA151/35/03 C" Mount Adapter with 0.3X lens (21mm reticle mount)

"C" Mount Adapter with 0.3X lens (Slips over existing photo tube - for 1/3" CCD) (21mm reticle mount)

MA151/35/03 Info:


C-mount adapter with 0.3X lens, accepts 21mm reticle (Slips over top of existing photo tube - For 1/3" CCD)

Camera Chip Size
Suggested Adapter
0.265 or 0.3X
0.45X, 0.5X or 0.6X
0.45X, 0.5X or 0.6X


A video C" mount is used to connect the CCD Camera to the trinocular tube of the EM Series stereo microscope. Since their introduction CCD video imagers have continually decreased in size. CCD formats of 2/3", 1/2", and 1/3" and 1/4" are common. The smaller the CCD imager the greater the video magnification. Choosing the correct C" mount for your application allows you to control the magnification on the video monitor. Meiji Techno offers the following "C" mounts for the EM Series Microscopes. 

NOTE: MA151 adapters are designed to be used in conjunction with the existing trinocular tube with the exception of the MA151/5N, which replaces the trinocular tube. 

The total magnification displayed on a video monitor is determined by the following formula:

Total magnification = Objective magnification x "C" mount magnification x Video Magnification

TTo determine the objective magnification multiply the magnification number found on the zoom control or turret setting times the magnification power of any auxiliary lens being used. The video magnification is determined by dividing the diagonal (mm) measurement of the video monitor by the diagonal (mm) measurement of the CCD video camera chip. Tables of common CCD chip dimensions and video monitor magnifications are listed below. 

The actual size of a specimen can be determined by dividing the length of the specimen measure on the monitor by the total magnification on the monitor.