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  Asbestos Fiber Identification
  Bichromatic / Ferrographic
  Biological Applications
  Boom Mounted Optics
  Cell & Tissue Culture Microscopes
  Dental Industry Applications
  Diamond Grading Applications
  Electronics Inspection
  Embryo Microscopes
  Entry Level Microscopes
  Epi-Fluorescence Microscopes
  Gemological Applications
  Gout Testing
  Hair Transplant Applications
  Measurement Applications
  Metallurgical Applications
  Microsurgical Applications
  Mud Logging Microscopes
  OEM & Custom Microscopes
  Petrology Microscopes
  Physicians and Vets Offices
  Polarized Light Applications
  Protein Crystallography
  Stereo Microscope Applications
  Video Microscope Applications


Meiji Techno has a new entry level product lineup!

Now Available: HD1500T High Definition Microscopy Camera

New!! We now offer Microsurgical Training Systems for multiple departments

Now Available: Motorized Stages and Focus Control

Meiji Techno's New Digital Camera Adapters!

Our Most Popular Line of Stereo Microscopes...

How to Select a Microscope...

How do I know what magnification I have on my screen?


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