Mud Logging Microscopes


The stereo microscope is recommended for evaluation of drill cuttings in mud logging to determine their porosity. Samples are typically classified as different rock types and pores of the cuttings examined for oil traces and their ability to hold oil and gas.


EMT-2 Stereo on PBH Stand
The setup shown above is suitable for looking at drill cuttings. It features a binocular head with 45° eyetube inclination, rotatable 360°, and 1x and 3x paired objectives to give you 10x and 30x magnification when using the 10x eyepieces.


PBH Stand features dual halogen illumination.


EMZ Stereo on BD Stand with FL151 Fiber Optic Illuminator

An alternative configuration features an EMZ zoom stereo with trinotube for mounting cameras and a stage with pseudo-darkfield illumination, which may bring out features of a specimen not normally seen under brightfield light.

The zoom stereos offer a wider range of magnification than turret or fixed models. Much like the zoom lens on a camera, zoom objectives increase and decrease magnification progressively, causing the specimen to grow or shrink smoothly in the eyes of the viewer.