FT192 Annular Fiber Optic Illuminator 120V

Variable intensity 150W quartz halogen light source with 60mm I.D. annular light guide fits all RZ and EMZ stereo microscopes; adapter required for EMT and EMF stereos. All metal construction. UL-1571 and CE/CSA 2001 compliant. Available in 110V and 220/240V CE approved models. Two Year Limited Warranty. Color temperature: 3200K.

Made In Slovenia

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The FT190 Series features include:

  • Interchangeable EKE or extra bright EJA lamp
  • On/off switch separate from the dimmer for maximum control and repeatability
  • Interchangeable adapter accepts all brands of fiber optic light guides
  • 1” Bezel is very cool, and accepts oversized light guides. Also includes space for an extra 25mm filter
  • Soft start ergonomic dimmer reduces inrush current and lengthens bulb life. Provides smooth light change from zero to 100%
  • Separate filter drawer accepts standard 25mm diameter filters (Dicroic filters recommended)
  • No soldered connections for carefree and convenient maintenance.
  • Lamp exchange drawer folds completely out of thehousing for easy bulb replacement, no tools required
  • 2 year warranty
  • CSA and CE (230v version) approved

Additional information

Weight 1.0000 kg
Components & Accessories

OPTIONAL COMPONENTS & ACCESSORIES BELOW Light Guide:    • FT190/05: Dual arm flexible light guide, (23” self supporting) with 8mm diameter active fiber optic bundle (Requires two FT190/50 lenses)    • FT190/10: Annular light guide, (36” flexible) section and 60mm (2.36”) I.D. diameter ring aperture, 10mm fiber bundle. (For use with EM and RZ series microscopes)    • FT190/12: Single arm light guide (36” flexible) with special end tip to fit EMZ-12, EMZ-12TR EMZ-12TRD and MC Series microscopes    • FT190/12-60: Single arm light guide (60” flexible) with special end tip to fit EMZ-12, EMZ-12TR EMZ-12TRD and MC Series microscopes    • FT190/50: Focusing lens, 28mm focal length (For use with FT190/05, FT190/75) Fiber Optics Backlights (Requires Light Source):    • FTI-BL50: Fiber optic backlight, 2” X 2” (50mm X 50mm) active area, 2.5” X 4” (63mm X 100mm) housing, 36” (914mm) cable length    • FTI-BL75: Fiber optic backlight, 3” X 3” (75mm X 75mm) active area, 6.75” X 4.75” (171mm X 121mm) housing, 36” (914mm) cable length    • FTI-BL125: Fiber optic backlight, 5” X 5” (125mm X 125mm) active area, 8.75” X 6.75” (222mm X 171mm) housing, 36” (914mm) cable length Mini-Annular Light:    • FT190/65: Mini annular light guide (36” flexible) 39.4mm (1.55”) diameter ring aperture, 8.0mm (0.317”) diameter fiber Single Arm Light:• FT190/75: Single arm light guide (18” self supporting) 6.35mm diameter fiber optic bundle (Requires one FT190/50 lens)• FT190/80: Single arm light guide (36” flexible), 4.75mm (0.18”) diameter fiber optic bundle (For use with MS-21 Unimac and MSL vertical illuminators)• FT190/95: Single arm light guide (36” flexible) 4.75mm (0.18”) diameter fiber optic bundle (For use with VM Series video microscope) Polarizing Caps:    • FT190/85: Polarizer cap (Fits FT190/50) Filter Kits:    • FT190/90: Complete filter kit : Includes 25mm diameter filters, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red and Daylight (Light Blue) tempered filters    • FL-FLH-PL/MI: Filter holder with IR filter Bulbs and Fuses:    • FT190/70: Spare bulb, 21V 150W (EKE)    • FT190/FUSE-A: Fuse for 100-120V light source    • FL190/FUSE-B: Fuse for 230V light source Adapters to Fit FT190/10 to EM Series Microscopes:    • MA553: Adapter with 60mm O.D. to mount FT190/10 on EMF-1, EMF-2, EMT-1, EMTR-1, EMT-2 and EMTR-2 stereo microscope bodies.    • MA553/05: Adapter with 60mm O.D. to mount FT190/10 on EMT-3, EMTR-3, EMT-4 and EMTR-4 stereo microscope bodies    • MA592: Adapter with 60mm O.D. to mount FT190/10 on EMX-1 stereo microscope body


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Product Information:    • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty    • Customer Support: 1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based) Package Information:    • Weight: 9 lbs (4.0kg)    • Box Size: 15 x 15 x 9 inches

Technical Information

Input Voltage: 

 120 V AC50/60Hz

Output Voltage: 

 0-21 Volts

Rated Power Output (max): 

 200 Watts

Fuse Type: 

 2,5 Amp Slow blow

Temperature Range (Operating Storage): 

 0 to 45 C, -25 to 85 C

Fiber Optic Interface: 

 15 mm or 25 mm

Relative humidity, Non Condensing: 

 5% to 95%


 10-500Hz 2G 10min./cycle. Period for 60 min (Each axis)


 8” (W) X 4.75” (H) X 7” (D) (13.5 lbs)