GMT-1BF/DF – Binocular Turret Stereo System (Dual Power)

This is Meiji Techno America’s new binocular turret stereo microscope system with a body magnification range of 10X and 20X (1X and 2X objectives). This system includes a 10X eyepiece (paired) with an eyetube angle of 45°. This is a professional Jewelry GMT system that is inclinable. This system includes a brightfield and darkfield slider and U-shaped fluorescent incident top light. It also includes a built-in iris diaphragm and a gem clamp. 

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Additional information

Weight 1.0000 kg

GMT-1BF/DF – Binocular Turret Stereo System (Dual Power)GMT-1 Binocular Zoom Body Info:• Body Optical System: Finite• Body Magnification: 10X/20X• Power Switch Range: 10X/20X• Power Change Mode: with Two Horizontal Knobs• Observation Method: Binocular• Body Mounting Size for Stand: ?76mm• Nosepiece Adapter Size for Ring Light: ?54mm• Eyetube Adjustment Mode: Siedentopf• Eyetube Angle: 45°• Erect/Inverted Image: Erect Image• Eyetuve Rotatable: 360° Rotatable• Interpupillary Adjustment: 52-76mm• Eyetube Inner Diameter: ?30mm• Eyetube Diopter Adjustable: Left ±6° Right Not Adjustable• Eyepiece Type: Standard Eyepiece• Eyepiece Optical Magnification: 10X• Plan Eyepiece: Plan Eyepiece• Eyepiece Size for Eyetube: ?30mm• Eyepiece Field of View: ?23mm• Eyepoint Type: High Eyepoint Eyepiece• Eye Guard Installation: Independent Eye Guard• Eye Guard Material: Rubber• Eye Guard Mount Size: ?34mm• Objective Working Distance: 105mm• Surface Treatment: Spray Paint• Material: Metal• Color: White• Net Weight: 1.09kg (2.40lbs)
GMZT/PT Stand Info:• Holder Adapter Type: ?76mm Scope Holder• Track Length: 250mm• Base Type: Illumination Base• Stand Throat Depth: 129mm• Base Dimensions: 310mm x 250mm x 70mm• Inclination on Vertical Direction: 0 – 45°• Microscope Handle: Yes• Focus Distance: 110mm• Focus Mode: Manual• Coarse Focus Distance per Rotation: 21mm• Focusing Knob Tightness Adjustable: Tightness Adjustable• Illumination Type: FH Dual Illuminated Light• Top Illumination: Oblique Top Light• Top Illumination Type: Fluorescent Light• Bottom Illumination: Bright/Dark Field• Bottom Illumination Type: Halogen Light• Field Diaphragm Mounting Position: Vertical Illuminator• Field Diaphragm Outer Diameter: ?70mm• Output Power: 30W• Input Voltage: AC 110-220V 50/60Hz• Output Voltage: DC 6V• Power Cord Connector Type: USA 3 pins• Power Cable Length: 1.8m• Surface Treatment: Electroplating Black• Material: Metal• Color: Black• Net Weight: 6.79kg (12.9lbs)• Dimensions: 310mm x 250mm x 390mm  (12.205" x 9.843" x 15.35")MA326/06 – Halogen Bulb Info:• Bulb Rated Power: 30W• Bulb Rate Voltage: DC 6V• Bulb Shape: Oval• Bulb Mounting Mode: Bi-Pin• Light Bulb Pin Standard: G4 (4mm)• LCL: 22mm• Material: GlassMA309/06 – Fluorescence Bulb Info:• Bulb Rated Power: 7W• Bulb Shape: U shape• Metrial: Glass