MA960/OLED Quadruple OLED Ring Illuminator

Our variable intensity Quadruple OLED ring illuminators deliver a high level of illumination over a selected field of view with excellent uniformity. MA960/OLED is an organic LED light source that is close to natural light in terms of color rendering. It is very effective for inspecting subjects that require judgement such as color change and comparison. There is also little flickering caused by diffuse reflection from the subject and can be observed with flat natural light. Made In Japan


The MA960/OLED features include:

  • Quadruple LED Lighting
  • 60 LED Array / 1860 cd (candela)
  • 10,000 hour rated lifetime
  • 53mm – 60mm inside diameter
  • Power consumption: 4.8W (Maximum intensity)
  • AC100V to 240V, DC12V AC Adapter

Additional information

Weight 1.0000 kg



Product Information:    • Brightness: 7500cd    • Color Temperature: 5300 Kelvin    • Mountable Diameter: 27 – 62mm diameter when adapter is mounted    • OLED Panel: 44.7mm x 46.7mm x 4 panels    • Life Span: Approx. 10,000 hours. Life shortened at maximum illuminance    • Inner Diameter: 22.4mm    • Manufactured: 100% MADE IN JAPAN    • Warranty: LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY    • Customer Support: 1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based) Package Information:    • Weight: 1.5lbs    • Box Size: 14 x 7 x 3 inches