MA961D/S/ESD – Daylight Slim Control Ring Light

Our MA961D/S/ESD designed ring daylight system contains 40 top quality high-brightness white LED’s housed in a machined aluminum and molded plastic enclosure. The MA961D/S/ESD offers outstanding illumination performance in a rugged, attractive packagen, ESD protection device came about in response to the increased usage and failures of static sensitive components by then the computer systems manufacturer, Field repairs to and handling of ESD printed circuit boards (PCBs) were resulting in extremely high failure rates. Studies of PCB failures indicated that static damage to chips and PCBs were being caused by field service engineers who were often unaware of the need to employ precautionary procedures in handling ESD sensitive parts.

Our advanced LED controller utilizes a proprietary constant current design to provide maximum light output with long life and no color shift when dimming. This key feature is integrated into the compact ring light housing. Adding to its impressive list of features, the MA961D/S/ESD comes standard with a universal power source for worldwide operation. (Made in USA)

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Weight 1.0000 kg
Components & Accessories

Focus Blocks Holder
Auxiliary Lenses

Micrometer Lens
Polarizing Accessories
Protective Glass Covers
Microscopy Cameras


C" Mounts/CameraAdapters


The MA961D/S/ESD features 40 powerful LEDs precision aligned in a machined housing for ideal shadow free illumination.
Key Specifications:   • 40 LEDs   • 66mm Inside Diameter   • 90 Degree Segment Control   • Auto Voltage Sensing Power Supply   • Standard Working Distance   • ESD Compliant   • Remote Control not Available