RZM Motorized Stereo Microscope

Motorized Stereo Microscope
Brightfield/darkfield/polarization/reflected and transmitted light

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A motorized microscope changes your way of work completely from manual to automated operations enhancing your work efficiency. The design of a motorized microscope focuses on convenience and ease. You operate an integrated system of a microscope, camera and computer without wasting time on manual microscopy.

Automated capturing panoramic images of specimens: combining several fields of view into a single image; you set borders of the image and the motorized system generates a macro-specimen automatically.

Automated navigation: if you are interested in a specific object in the specimen the system can save the coordinates of the field of view for it; when needed, the motorized system can quickly return to it from another field of view automatically.

Autofocus: set the focus automatically while processing a specimen.

Automated analysis: create a specimen analysis profile and the system will perform required operations automatically; it will only take placing a specimen on the stage and activating the profile to get the system to prepare an analysis report for you automatically.

A motorized microscope is designed for a number of specimens to be placed simultaneously, which allows the system to run a number of tests in one session, reducing the service time of system.

Motorized stereo microscope RZ (M) has with CMO (Common Main Objective). 

CMO and parallel optical paths contribute to providing a sharp high resolution image without distortions at magnification ranging from 3.75x to 300x. You can select optical elements, photo/video accessories and stands you need to make a system that meets your requirements.

If you’ve already got a Meiji Techno RZ microscope you can upgrade it with a motorized stage, automated focus and control unit to get a motorized microscope.

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Weight 10.0000 kg

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RZM Features:   • Vision CAM 3200- USB 3.0 digital output, 5.1 MP, image sensor CMOS 1/1.8”, resolution: 2064×1544 pixels, 120 fps, Sony IMX252 CMOS   • PC/Monitor – CPU Intel Core i7 7 Gen, GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX x50 4GB, RAM 8 GB, HDD 1 GB, USB 3.1 Gen 1, Windows 10 64x, monitor resolution: 1920×1080   • Keyboard and Mouse   • Motorized stage for metallurgical microscope, 2 or 3 levels, 75×50 mm   • Automated focus control (Z-movement)   • Mechanical stage and focus control   • Abbe optical scheme   • Total magnification (of a set of eyepieces and objectives) from 3.75x to 300x    • Main Plan Achromat objectives: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x    • Ultra widefield objectives with diopter adjustment: 10x, 15x, 20x   • Standard binocular head with 45° inclination; ergonomic binocular head with adjustable inclination of 10–50°   • Photo and video documentation
Meiji Techno RZM has the following items: Microscope Components: • RZ stereo microscope body (RZ-B) • Binocular ERGO head (MA749) • Video port (MA751) • RZT microscope stand (RZT) • Eyepiece block for Siedentopf style head • UWF 10x, F.N. 20 eyepieces (2 × MA730) • Rubberized Eyepiece eyeshields (included) • Coaxial illuminator (COX) • 1/4 wave plate for coaxial illuminator (MA762) • Power Supply for Illuminator (MA651) Stage Components: • Motorized scanning stage 120×100 mm • Adapter column for stage • MA motorized focus drive • Adapter plate for focus drive (two plates, steel pin, screw) • Retaining ring for focus drive • Spring-loaded coupling with two screws • Tango 3-axis controller and 3-axis joystick • Countersunk screw M3x6 DIN 7991 for focus drive (2) • Allen screw M3x8 DIN 912 for stage (4) • Screw kit (SW 3.0, 2.5, 2.0, 1.5, 1.3) CPU and Monitor Components: • High power PC with monitor and keyboard • Mouse with mouse pad • Microscope dust protection • Object micrometer • 3-axis motor cable • Power cable (specify 110V or 220V) • Surge protector Microscope Objectives: • CMO objective 1.0x, working distance 76mm (MA742) Microscope Camera: • Optical C”-mount 0.5x (MA151/35/03) • Digital camera CAM V3200 • Camera power supply • Camera power extension cord • Camera USB cableMovement Resolution:   • Travel speed maximum 25mm/s   • Repeatability < 1 um   • Accuracy ± 3 um Other Components: • User manual • Pre-fabricated crate with laser etched foam mold • Packing list
Product Information:Weight and Dimensions: L 94 cm x W 70 cm x H 70 cm, weight 72kg (159lbs)Manufacturer: MADE IN JAPANWarranty: LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY