USB400MAC Entry-Level 0.7X-5X Macrozoom System with X-1000U USB 2.0 Camera


0.7X-5X Macrozoom system with 16 LED array illumination powered by USB 2.0 with rheostat, 1x objective 0.4x trinocular eyepiece on a 205mm x 273mm ergonomic slope stand with a 32 mm post on a coarse focus block and a 5 MP USB 2.0 camera (X-1000U) still shots and live video 10 fps with measurement software, W.D.105mm with basic measurement software.

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The USB400MAC features include:

•5 MP photography, 1080P HD video, supports USB operating mode
•Continuous zoom objective lens, all the way parfocalization, high resolution, high definition.
•Comprehensive resolution (when display is on 21 inch 16:9 screen) 17 ? 121.5 Continuous zoom, 68 ? 486 Continuous zoom (this data is based on preview resolution is 640×480 with decompression zoom and the picture is displayed to adapt to screen)
•Coaxial illumination possesses characters such as handy installation, High efficiency, light weight and small volume
•The software does not only provide snapshots, it also records, zoom control, contrast, brightness, saturation, share, edit, send to email and has professional measurement functions

    • 1X objective lens
    • 105mm ( 4”) working distance
    • 6” Plastic Black and White Stage Plate
    • Plain stage
    • Locked-on spring loaded stage clips (paired)
    • 205mm (8”) base
    • 32mm diameter stainless steel post, 11” in height
    • Rack and pinion design, cast aluminum alloy frame
    • Coaxial coarse and 200μm fine adjustments, 2μm precision
    • 50mm Friction adjustment
    • Rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch and tension adjustment
    • “Slip-clutch” system protects against over-focusing
    • LED Ring Light with 16 LED Array with intensity rheostat control with USB 2.0 power
    • Auto voltage sensing power supply, 100-220V
    • Rugged, cast metal frame with rectangle footprint design
    • Black enamel paint finish.
    • Stable footprint design

Additional information

Weight 1.0000 kg

USB400MAC is a 0.7X-5.0X Macrozoom direct to video turnkey system with a 5 MP USB 2.0 camera (X-1000U) which can take still shots and live video at 10 fps and basic measurement software. Equipped with a 16 LED array ring illumination with rheostat powered by USB 2.0. The USB400MAC has a 1x objective and a 0.4x trinocular eyepiece on a 205 mm x 273 mm ergonomic 32 mm slope stand with a coarse focus block and a working distance of 105 mm (4”) equipped with basic measurement software for your PC. USB400MAC is turnkey Macrozoom system that can be easily set-up by connecting to a PC, it comes equipped with a high resolution 5.0 MP CMOS USB 2.0 Camera, large field of view, three dimensional sense and clear image. Wide applications in educational demonstration (such as biological dissections), and industries like textiles, inspecting metal products, chemicals, plastics, electronics manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, printing, archeology and many other fields. Standard LED ring light has more stable light source, safe low voltage, small power dissipation, low calorific value and long operating life. The brightness can be adjusted independently, fit for accurate inspection for high reflectance surface and exterior occasions with lamination limits, displaying more details, which is the best inspection device for industries like electron, five metals (gold, silver, copper, iron and tin) and plastics.
Includes:    • USB400MAC Macrozoom 0.7X-5.0X , 1X objective lens   • 5.0 MP CMOS,USB 2.0 Camera   • Basic Image Capture/Video and Measurement Software for PC (not MAC Compatible)   • Coarse Focus Block   • Ergonomic 32mm pole stand with 205mm x 273mm base
X-1000U Specifications
   • Color: Black   • Image Sensor: 5MP   • Work with: Monocular microscope, Stereo Microscope, Biological microscope, Metallurgical Microscope, Lens of Machine Vision System   • Work mode: USB 2.0   • Pixel Size: 2.2μm×2.2μm   • Dynamic Range: 74.3db   • SNR: 40db   • Spectral response: 380-650nm   • Exposure: 3.9ms-320ms, Automatic and manual   • White balance: Real-time auto, single auto, manual adjustment   • Preview resolution:       • USB mode: 30fps@2592×1944, 1920×1080,1024×768, 640×480      • WiFi mode: 30fps@2592×1944, 1920×1080,1024×768, 640×480   • Record format:       • Snapshot Format: JPG,BMP,PNG,TIFF,PDF, Resolution: 2592×1944,1920×1080,1024×768, 640×480      • Record Format: MJPG format AVI file, Resolution: 30fps@1920×1080,1024×768, 640×480
Product Information:    Warranty: –   Customer Support: 1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based)Package Information:    Weight: -lbs (-kg)    Box Size: 495 x 360 x 388 mm   Footprint: –