PVL-2 Pole Stand with Transmitted and Reflected Halogen/Fluorescence Illumination

Pole type stand with transmitted and reflected Halogen/Fluorescence stand with rheostat, clear glass stage plate with 85mm focus block.

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PVL-2 Pole Stand Info:
• Stand Type: Post Stand
• Holder Adapter Type: ?85mm Scope Holder
• Vertical Post Height: 305mm
• Vertical Post Diameter: ?32mm
• Base Type: Illumination Base
• Base Shape: Rectangle
• Base Mounting Size: M29x1.5-6h
• Base Dimensions: 320mm x 305mm x 60mm
• Focus Mode: Manual
• Focus Distance: 50mm
• Coarse Focus Distance per Rotation: 21mm
• Focusing Knob Tightness Adjustable: Tightness Adjustable
• Centering Distance from Hole to Scope Holder: 155mm
• Illumination Type: HF Dual Illuminated Light
• Top Illumination: Oblique Top Light
• Top Illumination Type: Halogen Light
• Bottom Illumination Type: Fluorescent Light
• Output Power: 24W
• Input Voltage: AC 90-265V 50/60Hz
• Output Voltage: DC 12V
• Power Cord Connector Type: USA 3 pins
• Power Cable Length: 1.8m
• Surface Treatment: Spray Paint
• Material: Metal
• Color: White
• Net Weight: 5.55kg (12.24lbs)
• Dimensions: 320mm x 305mm x 518mm  (12.598" x 12.008" x 20.394")

PVL-2 Microscope Plate Info:
• Plate Type: Matte Finish Glass Plate
• Plate Material: Matte Finish Float Glass
• Plate Size: ?95x5mm

PVL-2 Iris Diagram Info:
• Aperture Diaphragm: Fixed Aperture Diaphragm
• Aperture Diaphragm Mounting Position: Vertical Illuminator
• Aperture Diaphragm Outer Diameter: ?91mm
• Surface Treatment: Electroplating Black
• Material: Metal
• Color: Black

PVL-2 Halogen Bulb Info:
• Bulb Rated Power: 15W
• Bulb Rated Voltage: DC 12V
• Bulb Shape: Umbrella Shape
• Bulb Mounting Mode: Bi-Pin
• Light Bulb Pin Standard: G4 (4mm)
• Material: Glass

PVL-2 Fluorescence Bulb Info:
• Bulb Rated Power: 9W
• Bulb Shape: Double U Shape
• Net Weight: 0.02kg (0.04lbs)
• Material: Glass