A good quality microscope will function well for decades if properly maintained. Many of our dealers provide on-site service and maintenance to keep your microscope in top working condition. 

Please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the microscope to find out if they provide this service, or contact us and we will be happy to refer you to a service technician in your area or we can perform the repairs for you for a reasonable charge plus shipping. 


The single most common reason for calls to our technical support line is burned-out light bulbs, and this is the first thing you should check if your illumination system stops working. It is also a good idea to order one or two spare bulbs when purchasing your new microscope, as bulbs will eventually need replacing.


Having spare bulbs on hand prevents downtime waiting for a new bulb to arrive. If you are not sure what kind of bulb you need for your microscope, check out our Replacement Bulb page.


For service & repairs on certain components, please print and fill out the forms below.

Meiji Techno America Products: Meiji Techno America Repair Form
Illuminator Products: Setra Repair Form


For service & repairs on certain components, please contact the providers listed below.

FL Series of illuminators: Dolan Jenner / Setra, Inc.
FT Series of illuminators: Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.