Main supplier in our inspection line used mostly by techs. Easy to use, reliable, and great power. I like these scopes the best because they are easy to calibrate and qualify...


R & D / Engineering

We have Meiji microscopes in our engineering lab that we use to examine tiny electronic components and circuit boards. Their microscopes have excellent optics and versatile.



They are the top of the line. They are high quality and are very durable. They are constructed with great optics which makes them easy to use for long amounts of time.



We use Meiji microscopes in our lab everyday.Microscopes are very durable and has good quality optics.



Our firm uses Meiji Techno microscopes in our R&D labs for various functions. We have never had any issues with their products and they have always been very dependable.


General Administrative

Meiji microscopes are some of the best out there--easy to use, easy to customize.


Supply Chain/Logistics

They have high quality and reliable microscopes that we use everyday



We primarily use Meiji microscopes at our company. These units are extremely well made and easy to use. Meiji sales reps have been very helpful finding the right scopes for our application...


R & D / Engineering

This vendor provides us scopes micro scopes We use their product to look for contaminations Burn marks thru our board...



Very user friendly and high quality microscopes. The microscopes that we have purchased for our engineers have come with rave reviews as they are easy to adjust/recalibrate and...



we use to use a lot of Meiji Techno's microscopes in the lab to help us investigate burnt out circuit boards. they scopes in my opinion were very good quality and never got damaged. the scoped cam in handy everyday while we investigated many circuit boards but for some reason my company moved on to another vendor but I would still give their scopes an A+


Meiji scopes are my favorite (and the operator's favorite) for miniature assembly work. They are well built with excellent depth and field of view, allowing for many hours of comfortable use in the clean room. I have used a couple other varieties, but keep coming back to the Meiji's. The tri-ocular version also makes capturing photos of issues on the line for later discussion very easy. Highly Recommended!