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Unimac Macroscopes

The UNIMAC Macroscopes are fully modular universal zoom systems with a wide array of features. They have versatile modular lens systems suited for a variety of applications. They are perfect for industrial, medical, educational, and research applications as well as custom or OEM applications. Their visual magnification ranges from 3.5X to 135X (with optional lenses) which shows exceptional clarity and depth of field.

The UNIMAC Macroscopes are uniquely capable as they have low magnification ranges and extraordinary depth of field. Their characteristics make them most useful in examining whole devices and studying and controlling mini-manufacturing processes. The UNIMAC Macroscopes offer important advantages to the user. It is fully modular in concept and in construction. A universal range of the techniques can be quickly applied and all modes of observation - visual, photographic and television can be employed.

The UNIMAC Macroscopes magnification range goes from 0.7X to 4.5X, but can be modified and extended by our auxiliary lenses. Additional illumination can be added, such as our true coaxial illuminator, which gives a large field of view. Also available is the 1/4 wave plate in a rotatable mount which permits inspections in polarized light which is especially useful when examining “overlay” circuits. This means one orientation of the 1/4 wave plate can be observed, while another overlaid circuit will be visible when the 1/4 wave plate is rotated 90°.