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VM Video C-mount Microscopes

The VM and VM-LED Series high resolution video microscopes have been specifically designed for viewing small electronic components, wave-guides, electro-mechanical assemblies, medical devices, seals, fibers, catheters, etc., which require high magnification visual inspection. The VM and VM-LED Series integrate a CCD video camera, fiber optic illumination system, and high-resolution infinity corrected optics. The series are ideal for use in factory automation and machine vision systems.

The VM and VM-LED Series C-Mount video microscopes connect with infinity corrected objectives and C-mountable cameras to create simple high magnification imaging systems. The VM and VM-LED Series units are mountable to the VM focus block or other flat mouthing surface via four M4 x M6 threaded mouthing holes with 30mm x 40mm spacing. The VM and VM-LED Series have a parfocal distance of 45mm and accept DIN Standard 0.7965" (20.1mm) diameter threaded objectives.