FQ150/220 Halogen Power Supply Illuminator, 220VAC

Meiji Techno's FQ150 series illuminators are well respected worldwide as a durable, reliable, and practical fiber optic light source.

FQ150 Series illuminators are used in a wide range of manufacturing, microscopy, metrology, medical, research, and other applications. Users can choose from 150 watt and 250 watt versions. The Fiber Optic Illuminators are often referred to as “Cold Light” Illuminators because they provide high intensity, focused light without the heat typically associated with high intensity lamps. The common uses for the FQ series are: Microscopes and Video Microscopes Boroscopes, Industrial Imaging (Machine Vision), and Custom Process and Inspection Equipment (Wire Bonders, Laser Welding). The FQ150/220 allows a uniform halogen illumination of focused white light which can be used in different applications. Included is an on/off intensity control which allows easy adjustment of intensity. In addition, the lock-in feature allows light guides to stay in place and permits the illuminator to operate on its back without fear of falling off. 

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FQ150/220 Info:

• High Output 150 watt quartz halogen
• Halogen Lamp 21V 150W
• 220V, 50/60Hz Operation
• Single on/off intensity control increases lamp life
• Easy lamp access without tools
• Heavy duty all metal construction
• Lamp color temperature: 3250K
• AC Fan included

• Long life ball bearing cooling fan
• Very Low noise and vibration
• Proven design and extremely high reliability
• Accepts virtually all light guides
• Optional tethered simple remote control with 8' cord
• Dimensions : 7”W x 7”L x 6”H 
• Output aperature 1” (25.4mm) standard

Front Panel Electronic Brightness Control Standard
Remote Electronic Brightness Control N/A
Input Voltage 220V
Power Rating 0.45X, 0.5X or 0.6X
Filter Holder 0.7X
Standard Color Beige
Standard Light Guide Aperature Sizes varies
Width 7" (18cm)
Depth 0.5" (19cm)
Height 6.5" (17cm)
Weight 7.5lbs (3.4kg)

Manufacturer: MADE IN USA
Warranty: TBA

Package Information: 
   • 10 lbs
   • 11" x 9" x 8"

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