Meiji Techno Customer Solution Center

On this page you can find the most common microscope instructions and resources. You may find some tasks too hard for you to perform yourself.

Fortunately, most Meiji dealers have service persons on staff who can perform these tasks for you. However, if you are mechanically inclined, the following procedures can be used as a general guide. Consequently, Meiji Techno assumes no liability in regards to the outcome of those who attempt to make repairs themselves so please be careful.






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This page was last updated on 10/21/2019



164 Series Mitutoyo Digimatic Micrometer Heads (485Kb)


BM and BMK Stereo Microscopes Manual (436Kb)


C400N Economy CCD Camera (1.8Mb)


CK3100 CCD Camera Manual (361Kb)


CK3800 CCD Camera Manual (1.1Mb)


CK3800 Camera Pin Outs (108Kb)


CK3900 CCD Camera Manual (361Kb)


DK1200 Manual (2.53 Mb)


DK3000 Installation Instructions (90Kb)


DK3000 Manual (434Kb)


DZ4-T Manual


SS500-MC Manual (830Kb)


EMF, EMT, EMX Manual (820Kb)


EMZ Manual (888Kb)


EM-30 Manual (103Kb)


EM-50 Manual (4.9Mb)


FL-PWJ and FL-LHJ Lamphouse Manual (428Kb)


FL150 Illuminator Manual (436Kb)


FT190 Illuminator Manual (1.6Mb)


FT190 Specification Sheets (1.0Mb)


FTM Series Manual (1.9Mb)


FL-6000 Illuminator Manual (2.36Mb)


GMZ-5 Instructions Manual (PDF)


HD1500T Manual (2.1Mb)


HD1500T Software (ISCapture) Manual (3.3Mb)


HD1500MET Software (TCapture) Manual (3.7Mb)


HD1600T Manual (647Kb)


HD Camera Calibrate Manual (258Kb)


V-C600P/V-C600N Manual (254Kb)


IM7000 Manual (2.3Mb)


Infinity Analyze Quick Start Guide (2.71Mb)


Infinity Analyze Software Guide (5.41Mb)


MA765 Drawing Attachment for RZ Series(150Kb)


MA945 Point Counting Stage (150Kb)


Micro Capture Software Manual (1.9Mb)


MC Series Manual (838Kb)


ML2000 Manual (1.49Mb)


ML5000 Manual (3.2Mb) (also for ML6500 Series)


ML7000 Manual (528Kb)


ML7500 Manual (539Kb)


ML8000 Manual (534Kb)


ML8500 Manual (588Kb)


ML9000 Manual (632Kb) (also for ML6100 Series)


ML9400 Manual (696Kb)


MT-10 Series Manual (357Kb)


MT-30 & MT-90 Series Manual (682Kb)


MT-40 Series Manual (2.08Mb)


MT-50 Series Manual (4.16Mb)


MT-60 Series Manual (10.9Mb)


MT5500 Series Manual (1.2Mb) (discontinued)

MT4000 Series Manual (3.07Mb)


MT5000 Series Manual (3.08Mb) (also for MT6800 and MT6500 Series)


MT6000 Series Manual (725Kb)


MT6100 Phase Series Manual (725Kb)


MT6100 PLM Manual Centering (725Kb)


MT6100 Pol Series Manual (725Kb)


MT6500 Series Manual (3.08Mb)


MT6800 Phase Series Manual (725Kb)


MT6800 Pol Series Manual (725Kb)


MT7000 Series Manual (2.8Mb)


MT7500 Series Manual (3.07Mb)


MT8000 Series Manual (2.8Mb)


MT8500 Series Manual (3.07Mb)


MT9000 Series Manual (3.76Mb) (also for MT9900, MT6800, and MT6100 Series)


MT9400 Series Manual (3.76Mb)


MT9500 Gout Instruction (243KB)


MT9900 Series Manual (3.76Mb)


MTI164-164 Manual (3.3Mb)


MTI543-392 Manual (1.5Mb)


MTI543-392 Quick Reference (456Kb)


MTIEH-542-072A Manual (6.2Mb)


MX Series has been renamed to MT

Nobska Lamphouse Manual (1.4Mb) (discontinued)

PKL Manual (231Kb)


RM Manual (683Kb) (discontinued)

RZ Manual (2.34Mb)


SKT Series Manual (431Kb)


SMD Attachment Manual (468Kb)


TC5000 Series Manual (1.04Mb)


TM200 Series Manual (430Kb) (discontinued)

TM400 Series Manual (424Kb) (discontinued)

VT Series Manual (533Kb) (discontinued)

WF100 Manual (498Kb)


WF200 Manual (605Kb)


WF200 Specification Sheet (1.1Mb)


WF300 Manual (839Kb)


WF300 Specification Sheet (1.6Mb)


X-1000U Specification Sheet (967Kb)

164 Series Mitutoyo Brochure (485Kb)


543 Series Mitutoyo Brochure (485Kb)


BM & BMK Series Brochure (1.61Mb)


C400N Econo CCD Camera (440Kb)


CK3900 & CK3100 Product Brochure (550Kb)


CC1070 Digital CCD Brochure (660Kb)


CC1400 Cooled CCD Brochure (1.2Mb)


CC2100 Digital CCD Brochure (1.2Mb)


CC2200 Digital CCD Brochure (1.2Mb)


CC2300 Digital CCD Brochure (1.2Mb)


Digital Camera Adapters Brochure (3.45Mb)


DK-LITE Datasheet (1.39Mb)(discontinued)

DK-X2100 21MP Digital CMOS Camera Brochure (1.2Mb)


DZ4-T Brochure (218Kb)


CMOS Digital Camera Brochure (1Mb)


EM Series Brochure (18.7Mb)


EMTR Product Brochure (1Mb) (discontinued)

EMZ-12 Product Brochure (1.38Mb)


EMZ-13 Product Brochure (610Kb)


EMZ-8TR Product Brochure (2.96Mb)


EMZ-200, EMZ-200TR, EMZ-250, EMZ-250TR Brochure (504Kb)


EM-20 Series Brochure (253Kb)


EM-30 Series Brochure (170Kb)


FO-LED Brochure (1.9Mb) (discontinued)


FP-LED Brochure (1.6Mb) (discontinued)


FQ-LED Brochure (1.4Mb) (discontinued)


MT-10 Series Brochure (221Kb)


MT-30 Series Brochure (212Kb)


MT-50 Series Brochure (1.80 Mb)


MT-90 Series Brochure (227Kb)


FL150 Illuminators Brochure (4.34Mb)


FL-5000 Illuminators Brochure (6.61Mb)


FU1000 Compound Focus Block (784 Kb)


GEM SVH Brochure (1.95Mb)


GEM Stereo Products Brochure (4.31Mb)


General Product Line Brochure (4.54Mb)


IM7000 Series Brochure (1.6Mb)




KBL & KBE Stands Brochure (861Kb)


MC Series Product Brochure (4Mb)


MG Loupe Series Magnifiers (276Kb)


MG900 Series Magnifiers (1.6Mb)


ML2000 Product Brochure (5.63Mb)


ML5000 Product Brochure (5.86Mb)


ML6100_6500 Product Brochure (596Kb)


ML7000 Product Brochure (2.47Mb)


ML7500 Product Brochure (2.38Mb)


ML8000 Product Brochure (2.25Mb)


ML8500 Product Brochure (3.67Mb)


ML9000 Product Brochure (2.33Mb)


ML9400 Product Brochure (2.65Mb)


ML9700 Product Brochure (1.22Mb)

ML9700 Product Brochure (1.22Mb)(UPDATED)


MT4000 Product Brochure (2.47Mb)

MT4000 Product Brochure (2.47Mb)(UPDATED)


MT5000 Product Brochure (3.02Mb)

MT5000 Product Brochure (3.02Mb(UPDATED)


MT6000 Product Brochure (2.98Mb)


MT6100 Pol Product Brochure (2.98Mb)


MT6100 Phase Product Brochure (2.98Mb)


MT6800 Pol Product Brochure (2.98Mb)


MT6800 Phase Product Brochure (2.98Mb)


MT7000 Product Brochure (3.1Mb)


MT7500 Product Brochure (3.2Mb)


MT8000 Product Brochure (3.2Mb)


MT8500 Product Brochure (3.2Mb)


MT9000 Product Brochure (4.91Mb)


MT9400 Product Brochure (4.91Mb)


MT9900 Product Brochure (1.47Mb)


MTI164-164 Brochure (595Kb)


MTI543-392 Brochure (500Kb)


MX Series has been renamed to MT


PR Motorized Focus (677Kb)


PR Motorized Focus and Stage (676Kb)


RZ Series Brochure 2020 (2.5Mb) **NEW**


RZ Series Brochure (4Mb)


S-4000 Series Stands Brochure (1.39Mb)


Short UNIMAC Product Brochure (8.31Mb)


SKT Stereo Microscopes Brochure (3.88Mb)


SMD Series Product Brochure (5.91Mb)


TC Series Product Brochure (1.8Mb)


TM200 Product Brochure (3.34Mb) (discontinued)


TM400 Product Brochure (6.30Mb) (discontinued)


TM400F Product Brochure (2.23Mb) (discontinued)


UL Stand Brochure (859Kb) (discontinued


Unimac Series Brochure (3.30Mb)


VM Series Product Brochure (5Mb)


VT Series Product Brochure (3.76Mb) (discontinued)


PK, FK, FSC Brochure (8.27MB) 


HD1000-LITE/HD1000-LITE-M/HD1600T Camera

ISCapture 3.9 (15.7Mb) (EXE/PC)


HD1500T  -  HD1500TM  -  HD1000-LITE  -  HD1000-LITE-M  -  HD1600T  -  HD1500MET  -   HD1500MET-M Camera Driver and Patch

EXE / PC Compatible

Camera Driver (4.01Mb) (EXE/PC)


HD1600T Updated Driver (EXE/PC)(12/1/2016) 


TCapture Instruction Manual (PDF)


HD1000LITE / HD1000LITE-M Quick Start Guide (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions about HD1000 HDMI Series & HD1500 HDMI Series 


DMG / MAC Compatible

HD1500T and HD1500TM MAC Software (DMG/MAC) (2018)


HD1600T MAC Software (DMG/ZIP/MAC) (9/9/2019)


Download HD1600T MAC Installation Guide (PDF)


HD1000LITE and HD1000LITE-M MAC Former ISListen Software (DMG/MAC) (2018)


HD1000LITE and HD1000LITE-M MAC CaptureV2. 1.3 Software (DMG/MAC) (3/16/2020)

TCapture Instruction Manual (PDF)


HD1000LITE / HD1000LITE-M Quick Start Guide (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions about HD1000 HDMI Series & HD1500 HDMI Series 


Instructions Manual; HD1500MET  -  HD1500MET-AF  -  HD1500MET-M  -  HD1500MET-M-AF

Download Instructions Manual (PDF)

Calibration Metric Instructions via HDMI screen; HD1500MET  -  HD1500MET-AF  -  HD1500MET-M  -  HD1500MET-M-AF

Download Calibration Metric Instructions via HDMI screen Guide (PDF)


Calibration Metric Instructions via PC screen; HD1500T  -  HD1500TM  -  HD1000LITE  -  HD1000LITE-M  

Download Calibration Metric Instructions via PC screen Guide (PDF)

New Firmware Update with Lock on Auto Focus for HD1500MET-AF & HD1500MET-M-AF

Update with Lock on Auto Focus (PDF)

HD4000K & HD4000K-M Camera

Mosaic2.2.0 - Beta-Setup (EXE/PC) (10/26/2020)

Mosaic2.2.1 - Setup (EXE/PC) (10/26/2020)


Mosaic V2 - Setup (DMG/MAC) (10/26/2020)


Capture 2.2.1 - Setup (EXE/PC) (11/18/2020)


Download HD4000K Quick Start Guide (PDF)


Using HD1500 Series and HD1000 Series with Fluorescence Systems

Step 1: Open image in PC

Step 2: Adjust gain out left to right with graduated bar 

Step 3: Adjust Fluorescent tab in the software settings

Please see simple calibration instruction for the HDMI Cameras when connecting to a PC.  Also I have added calibration instruction for the HD1500MET-M on the monitor if not using the PC  USB connection.

Calibration Instructions

**UPDATE HD1500MET and HD1500MET-M SOFTWARE 2/14/2019**

HD1500MET & HD1500MET-M Update Instructions
 update.bin (download)


TCapture 3.9 (12.01Mb) (EXE/PC)

HD1500MET and HD1500MET-M MAC Software (DMG/MAC) (3/16/2020)


HD1500MET-AF and HD1500MET-M-AF Mosaic 2.0 Software (EXE/PC) (3/16/2020)


HD1500MET-AF and HD1500MET-M-AF Capture2.1.3.1 Software (EXE/PC) (8/12/2020)


HD1500MET-AF and HD1500MET-M-AF MAC CaptureV2.1.3 Software (DMG/MAC) (3/16/2020)

HD2500T and HD2600T Downloads

HD2500T & HD2600T Software (EXE/PC)


HD2500T & HD2600T MAC Software (DMG/MAC) (3/16/2020)


HD2500T & HD2600T Instruction Manual (PDF)

HDZ7000TS Software Download

HDZ7000TS Software (93MB) (RAR)

DK Series and CC Series Cameras

No support offered by Meiji Techno or its dealers.
INFINITY Camera Software v6.5 (EXE/PC) (35MB)

For more softwares, please visit Lumenera
for more support.

Micro Wifi Edu Camera

PC Kopa Wifi Software (295MB)(EXE/PC)(6/15/2020)


MT-31 ImageFocus 5 MP Software Download

Download ImageFocus Plus v2.2 (Windows/PC)


Download ImageFocus Plus DirectShow V2.2.2 (Windows/PC)


Download ImageFocus Plus for MAC V2.1.3(MAC/IOS)



MT-31 ImageFocus 3 MP Software Download

Download ImageFocus4 v3.1.2 (Windows)


Download ImageFocus 4 v 3.0 Lite Software (MAC/IOS)


Download Manual drivers for Windows 8 operatind systems and ImageFocus 4 (Windows 8)


MT-16 and MT-31 ImageFocus 4 Softwares

Download ImageFocus 4 v2.9 Software (Windows/EXE/PC)


Download Manual drivers for Windows 8 operating systems and ImageFocus 4 (Windows 8/EXE/PC)


Download Software Image Focus Lite v2.9 for MAC (MAC)



A good quality microscope will function well for decades if properly maintained. Many of our dealers provide on-site service and maintenance to keep your microscope in top working condition. Contact the dealer from whom you purchased the microscope to find out if they provide this service, or contact us and we will be happy give you a referral to a service technician in your area.

For service & repairs on certain components, please print and fill out the forms below.

Meiji Techno America Products: Meiji Techno America Repair Form
Illuminator Products: Setra Repair Form