jinba attai
Mounted archers in Japan believed the key to mastering their skill was to achieve a oneness between horse and rider. This is known as jinba ittai (jin-ba ee-tie) or "horse and rider as one" and its the engineering inspiration for the all new MT Series microscopes from Meiji Techno America. Oneness is only achieved when the microscope becomes a natural extension of the user. So every detail of our new MT Series models is perfectly engineered to create this perfect harmony. From ergonomically placed fine and focus knobs to easily positioned X-Y stage controls, the principles of jinba ittai live on. 
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SMT Stereo Boom Stand Inspection Microscope System


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MT-10 Compound Microscope Series

MT-30 Advanced Compound Microscope Series

MT-40 Advanced Biological Compound Microscope Series

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MT-400 University Biological Compound Microscope Series

MT-50 Research Grade Biological Compound Microscope Series

MT-60 Laboratory Biological Compound Microscope Series

MT-90 Advanced Polarizing Compound Microscope Series

EM-20 Turret Stereo Microscope Series

EM-30 Turret and Zoom Stereo Microscope Series

EM-50 Zoom Stereo Microscope Series