HD750-MTS - 5.0 MP Camera with 9.7" High Resolution Touch Screen Monitor, HDMI and USB output, 30fps

The HD750-MTS is Meiji Techno's new microscope digital touch screen camera monitor. The monitor attached to this camera is a 9.7" monitor with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. This camera runs in 5.0 MP which creates vivid still shots and live reviews. The software installed in the tablet allows the user to measure specimens while recording measurements such as line length, curve length, parallel line distance and point line distance. The user can capture live video and still shots that can be saved directly on the removable full TF card for subsequent image capture.

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Model Name HD750-MTS

9.7 inch all in one monitor

Touch screen display with Android system

2048 (H) X 1536 (V) resolution
Sensor size 1/2.5 inch
Effective pixel on
camera system
5.0 MP
Output interface USB 2.0, HDMI, TF Card, WIFI
Pixel size 2.8 µm x 2.8 µm
Power DC-12V
UI Desktop WiFi mouse operation, fully humanized settings
Indication function Point coordinates, cross line coordinates, text notes

Measure line length, curve length, parallel line distance, point line distance

Radius of the circle line, two round, three point circle, concentric circle
Geometric area Geometric area polygon and square
Snapshot Support 5 million static camera snapshot
Video Video support 1080P video
System S-eye software

Other Products and Specs:

Model Category Resolution Size Sensor HDMI USB SD card
HD520-M high-definition video with smart screen 9.0 inch screen 
2.75µm x 2.75µm 30fps no yes TF
HD620-M high-definition video with smart screen 11.6 inch screen
2.75µm x 2.75µm 60fps yes yes SD
HD750-MTS Android smart industrial camera 9.7 inch Android touch screen
2.8µm x 2.8µm 30fps yes yes TF
HD816-MTS Win10 smart industrial camera 11.6 inch screen
2.8µm x 2.8µm 30fps yes yes TF


Meii Techno America's Tablet Camera series is All in one (USB+SD card+WIFI mouse+HD Screen Display) C-mount tablet with high sensitivity CMOS sensor, which have following features:

- CNC precision machining shell;

- Built-in image capture & video record to memory card;

- Built-in camera control panel, including exposure(manual/auto)/gain, white balance(lockable), color adjustment, sharpness and easy control;

- Built-in toolbar including measurement, cross, browser functions;

- Built-in image & video browsing, display & play;

- Ultra-Fine color engine with perfect color reproduction capability(USB);

- Support WIFI Mouse

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Download HD750-MTS Spec Sheet (PDF)

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Download HD750-MTS Manual (PDF)