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Industrial Stereo Microscopes

Meiji Techno America offers various industrial stereo microscopes. Please choose which stereo microscope series fits your needs below.

Types of Industrial Stereo Microscopes

EMT and EMF Modular and Fixed Stereo Microscope Series
RZ Research Parallel Optics (CMO - Common Main Objective Design) Stereo Microscope Series
SMD (Surface Mounted Device) Stereo Zoom Boom Inspection Systems Series
SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Stereo Zoom Boom Inspection Systems Series
MDM (Medical Device Manufacturing) Stereo Zoom Boom Inspection Systems Series
DZ4-T High Range Magnification Zoom Microscopes
SHORT UNIMAC Low-to-Mid Range Magnification Macro Zoom Lenses Series
UNIMAC Low-to-Mid Range Zoom Macroscopes Series
SU-45D & SU-50D Short Unimac Macro Zoom Lens Package Series
CZ Entry-Level Non-Modular CMO (Common Main Objective Design) Stereo Microscope Series
EM-30 Turret and Zoom Stereo Microscopes with Transmitted and Incident LED Stand Series
EM-50 Entry-Level Industrial Zoom Stereo Microscope Series
EM-60 - Complete Dual Arm and Transmitted Light System
MG Series - Loupes, Galilean Loupes, Table Magnifiers
VM C-mount Video Microscopes Series
HDZ7000TS - Digital Zoom Microscope System with LED light with HDMI/USB 2.0 Android Touch screen (4MP 1/3” CMOS and 16G Memory Storage)
Entry-Level Zoom Video Macroscopes with LED Ilumination



Want to be more Specific?


Circuit Boards and General Electronic Repair
Machinery and Metal Engineering
Medical Device Manufacturing
Surface Mount Technology
Semiconductor Inspection
Cleanliness and Analysis Workflow Inspection
Automotive and Transportation Inspection
Aerospace Parts and Inspection
Bichromatic Ferrography
Paper Industry Inspection
Mechanical Parts Inspection
Plastic Inspection
Textile and Fibers Inspection
Wood Products Inspection
Quality and Failure Analysis
Printing Industry


6-8 Middle School Intermediate Grade
9-12 High School Grade
College Grad
Research Grade