MA305/100 (115V) Fluorescent Ring Light

The MA305 fluorescent illuminator provides cool, white diffused illumination similar to to daylight, and is suitable for low magnification examination for surface details of delicate organisms that sensitive to heat, or for specimens with such surface reflection. It provides 360° of cool white shadow-free illumination. Lightweight, compact, rugged.

Made In Japan

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Product Information:
   • Light Output: 8W
   • Color Tempature: 6500K 
   • Lamp Life: 1500 Hours
   • Manufactured: 100% MADE IN JAPAN
   • Customer Support: 1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based)

Package Information:
   • Weight: 
   • Box Size:


Fluorescent Ring Light

Components & Accessories

   •MA305/05: Circular fluorescent daylight 8W, (80-B-DL, 80mm OD, 55mm ID, 4PIN)

Adapters to MA305 to EM Series Microscopes:
   • MA302: Adapter for EMZ zoom stereo bodies
   • MA303: Adapter to mount ring light onto MA507 1.5X aux. lens or MA511 2.0X aux. lens
   • MA304: Adapter for EMT-1, EMTR-1, EMT-2, EMTR-2, EMF-1and EMF-2
   • MA307: Adapter for EMT-3, EMTR-3, EMT-4 and EMTR-4
   • MA308: Adapter for RZ Series CMO Microscopes Objectives