MTIEH542-072A EH Counter Multi-Function Display Unit

NOTE: Connects to MTI959149 or MTI905689 Data Transfer Cable

Made In Japan

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Display: Sign plus 8 digits (Green LED)
Tolerance judgment display: LED display (3 steps: Amber, Green, Red/ 5 steps: Amber, Amber flashing, Green, Red flashing, Red)
Interface: RS-232C/USB/parameter selection via digimatic (only DP-1VR, digimatic mini-processor can be connected) Selection by parameter from 3-step, 5-step, or digit BCD Total tolerance judgment output (when tolerance function is enabled)
Analog output: (1V-4V)
Control output- Normal operation signal (NOM): open-collector
Control input- Display BANK switching, peak mode, presetting, display hold, hold per axis: open-collector or no-voltage contact signal (with/without contact point)
Power supply voltage: Supplied AC adapter, or 12 - 24V DC
Power consumption: 8.4W (max. 700mA) Ensure at least 1A is available per unit.
Operating temperature (humidity) range: 0 to 40°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation)
Storage temperature(humidity) range: –10 to 50°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation)
External dimensions: 144 (W) ×72 (H) ×156.7 (D) mm
Standard Accessory: AC adapter: No.02ADN460 AC cable (USA): No.02ZAA010

Technical Data
Applicable head/input: LGD, LGS, ID,SD
Number of gage input: 2 (Double-display)
Quantizing error: ±1 count
Max input frequency: Digimatic code SPC
Resolution: 0.0005 0.01mm
Mass: 800g
Tolerance judgment display:
LED display (3 steps: Amber, Green, Red
5 steps: Amber, Amber flash, Green, Red flash, Red)


The MTIEH542-072A features include:

  • Two types are available for this model: a 1-axis display and a 2-axis display, which enables addition or subtraction calculations between two gages
  • Multifunctional counter equipped with zerosetting, presetting, tolerance judgment
  • RS-232C and USB are equipped as standard


MTIEH542-072A Dimension

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