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  • COX Coaxial Vertical Illuminator

  • COX/LED Coaxial Vertical Illuminator

  • MA536 Protective Glass for RZ Objectives

  • MA555 Gem Clamps for RZ Stands (Each)

  • MA688 Replacement Pillar for RZP, RZBD, RZDT, or RZT Stand

  • MA701 Microscope Dust Cover

  • MA701AS – Anti-static and Washable Microscope Dust Cover for MT4000, MT5000, MT7000, MT6100, MT6500, MT-50, MT-60

  • MA730 Ultra Widefield 10x Eyepieces

  • MA731 Ultra Widefield 10x Eyepieces with Cross-Line Reticle

  • MA732 Ultra Widefield 15x Eyepieces

  • MA733 Ultra Widefield 15x Eyepieces with Cross-Line Reticle

  • MA734 Ultra Widefield 20x Eyepieces