BMK/10X Widefield 10X Eyepieces for the BMK LED Series

The BMK/10X is a pair of widefield 10X eyepieces for the BMK series. F.N. 20mm

NOTE: Older Meiji Techno BM and BMK objectives and parts are not interchangeable with the BMK-3 and BMK-4 models.

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BMK LED series long arm Stereo Microscopes are high quality dental and hobbyist quality microscopes mountes in a 255mm horizontal inclinable arm supported by a 343mm (13.5”) vertical post height and a heavy cast base. The integral illuminators on the BMK models features a three lens condenser system fitted into the binocular body and an AC auto voltage sensing power supply. BMK model illuminators are mounted on top behind the eyepiece. The objectives are also mounted on a dovetail slide.

• BMK-3/LED: 10X magnification

• BMK-4/LED: 5X magnification

• Binocular, inclined 45 degrees eyepiece, titable

• Connected independent LED light source attached on top port mount

• Upright stereoscopic images

• High quality optics with long working distance

• Adjustable side mounted LED Spot Illuminator

• Rated for 30,000 hours

• Cool lighting, LED

• Auto voltage sensing power supply

• Fixed Magnification range 5X or 10X

• Interpupillary distance 51mm to 80mm

• Paired interchangeable parfocal objectives with quick-change dovetail slide mount

Additional information

Weight 1.0000 kg
Components & Accessories

• BMK/10X: Widefield eyepieces 10X (paired)
• BMK/0.5X: Paired objective 0.5X included in BMK-4/LED
• BMK/1X: Paired objective 1.0X included in BMK-3/LED
Other Accessories
• MA600: Rubber eyeshields (paired)
• MA705: Dust cover for BM/BMK Series (vinyl)
• MA703AS: Anti-static and washable dust cover for EMZ, EMT, BM, and EM series, 15” x 17”, blue color


BMK/10X Info:
Widefield eyepieces 10X (paired), F.N. 20
Packaging Information:• Weight:  Less than 1lb• Box Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 4"