FU-1000/PT#2 Rear Mounting Bracket

Replacement rear mounting bracket for FU-1000 (Fits onto a 20mm mounting post with locking screw)

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Based on ML7000 metallurgical components, the FU1000 Compound Optics Focus Block can be the starting point for a custom microscope designed to fit your application or a turnkey OEM/VAR solution. The FU1000 can use standard infinity corrected metallurgical objectives into its quintuple nosepiece.

This compound optics focus block can also mount on a wide variety of boom or pole stands or simply bolted onto any vertical plate accommodating the bolt pattern making it possible for it to be mounted virtually anywhere. The total focus travel is 40mm. Binocular viewing heads or trinocular viewing heads for photo and video applications are also available.

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Focus Block System Components


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