FU-3054 Coaxial Focus Block

Coaxial focus block with quadruple nosepiece for Plan Epi Brightfield/Darkfield objectives (26mm thread x 0.706mm pitch, 36 TPI), includes mounting bracket to fit 38mm pole. (For use with MC Series Mac-11 Stands or Z-Axis type stands)

Made In Japan

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Based on MT Series metallurgical components, the FU3054 Compound Optics Brightfield/Darkfield Focus Block can be the starting point for a custom microscope designed to fit your application or a turnkey OEM/VAR solution. The FU3054 can use standard infinity corrected Brightfield/Darkfield Plan Epi metallurgical objectives in its quadruple nosepiece.
This compound optics focus block can also be mounted on the MAC-11 heavy duty stand (38mm pillar diameter) for the MC BF/DF Series or simply bolted onto any vertical plate accommodating the bolt pattern. The total focus travel is 30mm. Binocular viewing heads or trinocular viewing heads for photo and video applications are also available.

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Weight 1.0000 kg

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Package Information:    • 4 lbs   • 12 x 9 x 7 inches
VIEWING HEADS Erect image binocular heads or non-erect image trinocular heads for photomicrography can be used. (Viewing heads are not included.)
EYEPIECES Paired DIN KHW10x, FN 22 (Eyepieces are not included).
OBJECTIVES Meiji Infinity corrected Brightfield/Darkfield Plan Epi objectives can be used. See list below. (Objectives are not included with the FU-3050.)
EPI – ILLUMINATION This focus block accepts a fiber optic light source with light guide and vertical illuminator (MA993). Illuminator filters include clear blue, clear green, ND25, polarizing, and neutral density (ND8) filters in metal mounts. (Illumination is not included with the FU-3050.)