MA414 Filar micrometer eyepiece with inclined monocular head

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The UNIMAC Series features include:

  • Superb Optical Quality
  • 0.7X to 4.5X Zoom Ratio
  • Maintains excellent parfocality throughout zoom range
  • Variety of auxiliary lenses and polarizing filters
  • On screen video magnifications range from 1.75X to 500X or more
  • Wide range of accessories including stands, focusing, illumination, polarized accessories and camera adapters
  • Many configurations available

UNIMAC Macroscopes:
UNIMAC Macroscopes are a fully modular universal zoom macroscope system with a wide array of features and the versatile modular lens systems is suited for a variety of applications. Perfect for industrial, medical, educational, research applications as well as custom or OEM applications. A visual magnificaiton range from 3.5X to 135X (with optional lenses) shows the exceptional clarity and depth of field.

The UNIMAC Macroscopes is uniquely capable where low magnification ranges and extraordinary depth of field is required. There characteristics make them most useful in the examination of whole devices and the study and control of mini-manufacturing processes. The UNIMAC Macroscopes offers important advantages to the user. It is fully modular in concept and in construction. A universal range of the techniques can be quickly applied and all modes of observation – visual, photographic and television can be employed.

The UNIMAC Macroscopes magnification range goes from 0.7X – 4.5X, but can be modified and extended by our auxiliary lenses. Additional illumination can be added, such as our true coaxial illuminator, which gives a large field of view. Also available is the 1/4 wave plate in a rotatable mount which permits inspections in polarized light. Which is especially useful when examining “overlay” circuits. Meaning in one orientation of the 1/4 wave plate can be observed, while another overlaid circuit will be visible when the 1/4 wave plate is rotated 90° degrees.

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The Filar eyepiece micrometer is a combination of a focusing eyepiece and reticle, but features a moveable line rule. The Filar micrometer avoids the necessity to estimate fractions of a division on a stage micrometer which may render inaccurate readings.
The mobile line inside the micrometer is designed to cross the field of view, traversing a fixed scale, by means of a precision screw mechanism that is operated by rotating the external knob. In general measuring applications, a single line is aligned with one end of the specimen feature to be measured and a reading of the calibrated knob is noted.
Since installing the filar eyepiece on one side of a binocular head does not work well in practice, our MA414 includes a monocular head so that one can just quickly swap heads when measurement tasks are required.