MA564/05 Graduated Mechanical Stage for Transmitted Light

The addition of a mechanical stage allows you to move specimens smoothly under the microscope, and also helps to protect specimens from damage and contamination. Meiji Techno offers both graduated and un-graduated stages for our pole and rigid-arm stands, as well as larger sliding stages for use with our boom and wide surface stands.

For PLS-2, PLS-3, PKL-2, and PKL-3 stands, the MA991 adapter can be used to mount MA564/05 and MA565/05 stages.

Made In Japan

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Additional information

Weight 1.0000 kg

This stage has 0.1mm graduations and coaxial controls for precise movement of mounted specimens. Features a 116mm x 137mm work surface with stage clips and 74mm x 96mm clear glass plate for use with transmitted light stands. 50mm x 75mm x-y travel. Mounted in a 94.5mm well. (Not intended for use with PBH, ABH, ABE, ABZH, PK, PKC stands.)