ML8520 Halogen Binocular Metallurgical Microscope [DISCONTINUED]


Made In Japan

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Weight 1.0000 kg

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Binocular, Erect Image

12V 50W halogenVertical and Transmitted Koehler

KHWF 10xFN 20

BD S.Plan NET 4x, MET 10X, MET 20X, MET 40X

Flat-top with drop-down coaxial controls and glass stage plate


Trinocular, Non-Erect Image

VIEWING HEADS Available with erect image binocular heads, and non-erect image trinocular heads for photomicrography (erect-image trinocular head optional). All have 30° inclined eyetubes with adjustable diopter settings and interpupillary distance from 52mm to 72mm, 360° rotatable.
EYEPIECES Paired DIN KHW10x, FN 20 compensating eyepieces are standard.
OBJECTIVE CHANGER The smooth-operating, ball bearing mounted, quintuple nosepiece provides effortless objective changes.
OBJECTIVES Infinity corrected S. Plan 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x standard. 5x, 50x, LWD 50x, 60x, and 100x optional.
STAGE Flat-top stage: 172mm x 130mm surface with 94.5mm diameter clear glass insert to allow transmitted illumination; 100mm (X) by 100mm (Y) movement, drop-down right-handed coaxial controls.
ILLUMINATION Transmitted illuminator: Built-in 6V 30W halogen, variable-intensity, full Koehler illuminator. Incident illuminator: 6V 30W halogen, variable-intensity, full Koehler vertical illuminator with field iris, aperture iris, and filter slots. Includes clear blue, clear green, polarizing, and neutral density (ND8) filters in mounts. Special filters available for bichromatic illumination used in ferrography.
PHOTOMICROGRAPHY Meiji Techno offers a broad range of digital video cameras which offers excellent sensitivity, high resolution and a wide dynamic range for the most demanding brightfield and darkfield microscopy applications including clinical pathology and cytology, life sciences and geology. Some models has included software, that can preview and capture still shots and live videos to a PC or Mac with USB port or HDMI connectivity.