MS-53 Pole Stand

Coarse and Fine Focus Block with pole stand, 45mm I.D.

NOTE: Additional items are needed to create a full microscope system. The following components are normally ordered:
• Zoom macroscope objective (MS-50D, MS-50R or MS-50DR)
• Auxiliary Lens (0.5X, 0.75X, 1.5X or 2.0X)
• Focus holder/block
• Stands (Pole stands, boom stands, heavy duty boom stands, wide surface stands or articulated arm stands)
• Illumination Source (Fiber optic halogen, fiber optic LED, fluorescent ring or LED illumination)
• Stage (Optional)
• Camera (Accepts with female C” mount threads, CMOS, CCD or Digital SLR type cameras)

Made In Japan

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The Short UNIMAC Series features include:

  • Superb Optical Quality
  • 6.4 to 1 Zoom Ratio
  • Systems maintain excellent parfocality throughout zoom range
  • Variety of auxiliary lenses and polarizing filters
  • On screen video magnifications range from 20.8X to 172X or higher depending on camera
  • Accessories: stands, focusing, illumination
  • Compact Size ( 154mm height maximum )
  • Machine mountable – OEM Applications
  • Many configurations available

Additional information

Weight 1.0000 kg

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