MS-54/05 Coarse and Fine Focus Block/Holder

Inclinable coarse and fine focusing block, with 5/8″ mounting pin.

NOTE: Additional items are needed to create a full microscope system. The following components are normally ordered:
• Zoom macroscope objective (MS-50D, MS-50R or MS-50DR)
• Auxiliary Lens (0.5X, 0.75X, 1.5X or 2.0X)
• Focus holder/block
• Stands (Pole stands, boom stands, heavy duty boom stands, wide surface stands or articulated arm stands)
• Illumination Source (Fiber optic halogen, fiber optic LED, fluorescent ring or LED illumination)
• Stage (Optional)
• Camera (Accepts with female C” mount threads, CMOS, CCD or Digital SLR type cameras)

Made In Japan

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The Short UNIMAC Series features include:

  • Superb Optical Quality
  • 6.4 to 1 Zoom Ratio
  • Maintains excellent parfocality throughout zoom range
  • Variety of auxiliary lenses and polarizing filters
  • On screen video magnifications range from 20.8X to 172X or higher depending on camera
  • Wide range of accessories including stands, focusing, illumination, polarized accessories and camera adapters
  • Many configurations available

Short UNIMAC Macroscopes:
Short UNIMAC Series (Short-Back Focus) is a high performance direct-to-camera zoom lens system offer a wide array of features making them perfect for industrial, medical, educational and research applications. The Short UNIMAC series of macrozoom lenses couples directly to a CCD or CMOS video camera and allows a shorter profile facilitating use in situations where space is very restricted. These versatile modular lens systems are ideally suited for a variety of free standing or OEM applications. Compatible with digital or analog CCD and CMOS cameras.

Superb optical quality and mechanical flexibility allow the user to cover a wide spectrum of viewing needs. A variety of auxiliary lenses, focus blocks, illumination systems, digital camera adapters and other components allows you to easily customized the system for your specific situation.

The Short UNIMAC Series lenses have a 6.4:1 zoom ratio and maintain parfocality throughout their extended zoom range. The Short UNIMAC lenses are available in either a standard zoom configuration, or a detent zoom configuration, which is useful for calibration and measurement purposes.

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Weight 1.0000 kg

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Package Information:    • 4 lbs   • 12 x 9 x 7 inches