VM-UL Pole Stand

Universal Pole type wide surface laminate Stand with 580mm X 500mm X 38mm base, crossarm and mounting post mounted with Focus block for VM Series, (VM-FB) fits 20mm diameter pole with rotatable Fiber Optic Tray Best for large specimens.

NOTE: Additional items are needed to create a full microscope system. The following components are normally ordered:
• VM or VM-LED Series Video Microscope
• Brightfield Plan or LWD Plan Objectives (Long Working Distance)
• Stand (Pole stands, rigid arm stands, boom stands, heavy duty boom stands, wide surface stands or articulated arm stands)
• Illumination Source (Fiber optic halogen, fiber optic LED, LED illumination)
• CCD or CMOS Camera

Made In Japan

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The VM Series features include:

  • Outstanding high-resolution images
  • Wide range of objectives available from 2.5X to 100X
  • Single objective port or add optional triple or quadruple nosepieces
  • On screen video magnifications from less than 40X to 5500X or more
  • Accepts infinity corrected objectives with RMS thread with 200mm focal length
  • Compact sized pole stand with coarse and fine focus available
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Mountable on flat surfaces for simple integration and machine vision applications
  • Convenient field portability possible with self powered camera and light source
  • Fiber optic coaxial “cool light” illumination systems with field iris available
  • Illuminator port accepts optional drop-in mounted filters
  • Many useful accessories and configurations possible


VM & VM-LED Microscopes:
The VM & VM-LED Series high resolution video microscopes have been specifically designed for viewing small electronic components, wave-guides, electro-mechanical assemblies, medical devices, seals, fibers, catheters, etc., which require high magnification visual inspection. The VM & VM-LED Series integrate a CCD video camera, fiber optic illumination system, and high-resolution infinity corrected optics, and are ideal for use in factory automation and machine vision systems.

The VM & VM-LED Series “C” Mount video microscopes connects an infinity corrected objective to a “C” Mount camera to create a simple high magnification imaging system. The VM & VM-LED Series units are mountable to the VM focus block or other flat mouthing surface via four M4 X M6 threaded mouthing holes with 30mm X 40mm spacing. The VM & VM-LED Series have a parfocal distance of 45mm and accepts Din Standard 0.7965” (20.1mm) diameter threaded objectives.

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Weight 1.0000 kg

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