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Stages and Stage Plates

For ML2000 & ML5000 Series

For MT4000, MT5000 & MT6000 Series

For VT & TC-5000 Series

For MT7000 & MT7500 or MT8000 & MT8500 Series

for IM7000 Series

For MC-40, MC-45, MC-50, MC-55, MC-60, MC-65, MC-70 & MC-75 Series

For ML9000 & ML9400 or MT9000 & MT9900 Series


for EM Series Stands

for Large Surface

for TM200 and TM400 Series


Halogen Fiber Optics FT190

Halogen Fiber Optics FL150

LED Fiber Optics Illuminator FL-5000

FTM LED Boom Arm Mount Fiber Optic Illuminators

LED Ring



Miniature Flood Light


Power Supply | Lamphouse

Box Illuminators

Vertical Illuminators


Connect via HDMI or USB 2.0 CMOS to a PC or HDMI TV

Connect via CMOS Wifi

Connect via USB 3.0 CMOS to a PC

Connect via USB 2.0 CMOS to PC

Connect via USB 2.0 CCD to a PC

Connect via Analog NTSC Video CCD to a monitor

Connect via USB 2.0 CMOS to Mac

Connect via USB 2.0 to a Mac – CCD

Connect via S-Video Analog PAL Video CCD to a monitor

Connect via C mount – Tablet Camera

Educational WiFi Camera

C” Mount Adapter for Digital/Analog CMOS/CCD Cameras

C” Mounts Adapters Without Lenses

C” Mounts Adapters With Lenses and Reticle Mounts (Reticle mounts accept 19mm or 21mm reticle) – For all Meiji Trinocular Compound and Stereo Microscopes

C” Mounts Adapters for EMZ-8TR, EMZ-8TRD, EMZ-12TR, EMZ-12TRD and EMZ-13TR

C” Mounts Adapters for EMZ-8TR, EMZ-8TRD, EMZ-12TR, EMZ-12TRD and EMZ-13TR

C” Mounts Adapters for all MT Series – Special Purpose

C” Mounts Adapters for MS-15 & MS-50

Adapters for 35mm Cameras

Adapter Rings

MA150 Camera Attachment

SLR Adapter Package

Photo Eyepieces

Micrometer Lenses

19mm Diameter for MA212, MA213, MA480, MA406, MA408, MA413, MA535, MA732, MA734, MA818, MA819 & MA1026 Eyepieces

21mm Diameter for MA407, MA407CP & MA407W Eyepieces

25mm Diameter for MA102, MA103, MA104, 502, MA520, MA503, MA519, MA730, MA817, MA859 & MA1025 Eyepieces

Stage Micrometer

Filar Micrometer Eyepieces

  • MA414 Filar micrometer eyepiece with inclined monocular head

  • MA218 Filar Micrometer Eyepiece

Polarizing Accessories

  • MA915/PT#2 – Unmounted Polarizing Filter for the MA1043

  • MA679 Polarizing Filter in Metal Mount

  • MA498 Polarizing Filter

  • MA550/12 Rotatable Polarizing Filter

  • MA550/10 Rotatable Polarizing Filter for EMT-3, EMT-4, EMTR-3 and EMTR-4 Stereo Bodies

  • MA550/05 Rotatable Polarizing Filter for EMT-1, EMT-2, EMTR-1, EMTR-2, EMF-1 and EMF-2 Stereo Bodies

  • MA550 Rotatable Polarizing Filter for EMZ Zoom Stereo Bodies

  • MA959 Polarizing Filter

  • MA291 Polarizing Filter 29.8mm Diameter Unmounted

Protective Glass Covers



Transmitted Light Biological (Fits Filter Tray For MA175, MA175/05, MA472, MA472/05, MA663, MA633/05, MA461 & MA661)

Darkfield Central Stops

Phase Contrast (For ML2000 & ML5000 Series)

Polarizing (For ML & MT Series)

EM Series Stands (For AB, ABE, ABH, ABZ, ABZH, PB, PBH, PBM & PKL)

Lamphouse (For MT4000, MT5000 & MT6000 Series)

Inverted Biological (For TC-5500 & TC-5600 Series)

Diffusion (For PKL Stand)


Lolli-Pop Metal Mount (For TC-5000 Series)

Lolli-Pop Biological (For VT Series)

BF/DF Metallurgical (For MC-60, MC-70, MT7500, MT8500 & IM7500 Series)

Brightfield Metallurgical (For MC-40, MC-50, ML7000, ML8000 & IM7000 Series)

Polarizing (For ML & MT Series)

Polarizing (For EM Series)

Lolli-Pop Metal Mount O.D. 18mm (For VM-LED Series)